Monday, May 25, 2009

[product-research] wireless headset for pc and cell

I'm going to experiment with keeping notes on various product research expeditions I go on to see if it's useful to others (or myself). This is the first one.

Goal: I want a wireless stereo headset and microphone with good audio quality and long range that I can wear around the house. Bluetooth isn't sufficient because of range. The idea is that I can leave my cell phone and computer in my bedroom and wander around the house while on a cell call or VOIP call. I was hoping that this headset would seamlessly work with my cellphone and computer and also have good enough quality that it could be used for music as well as voice. It'd also be great if I could end calls from the headset.

Result: I couldn't find any product that quite does this, but 100m Class-1 bluetooth comes darn close. All I need is a headset that has decent audio quality, and perhaps a repeater so my class-2 cellphone can get decent range. Here are some options I'm considering:

  1. Callpod Dragon looks pretty darn close. Class-1 Bluetooth (extended range), simultaneously can connect to PC and phone. For max range, the PC and phone have to have Class-1 bluetooth connectivity.

  2. Creative labs HS-1200. 72 foot range, RF, USB, good audio quality. Range maybe insufficient and not sure how it would hook up to cell phone.
  3. Plantronics CS361N. 300 foot range, RF, analog RJ-9 connector. no audio quality documented. Could buy RJ-9 to 2.5mm connector.

Some other options I was toying with:

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