Thursday, December 25, 2008

T-mobile G1 new phone setup

I've been working on getting my G1 up and running productively. Some notes on my experience:

  • The contact syncing mechanism had a problem in which when I deleted 200 contacts from my gmail list, I could not get the G1 to also delete the contacts. I tried clearing the 'data' from the Contacts app (under settings->applications), but that didn't work. Ended up doing a factory reset of the phone and starting over.
  • Visual voicemail would be great, but Phonefusion requires an SMS for each voicemail, and also it reroutes voicemail to its own server. :(
  • Considered apps:

    • chompsms
    • missed call
    • any cut
    • astro (file manager)
    • toggle settings
    • quickpedia
    • chompsms

  • Installed apps:
    • Xtremelabs Speedtest
    • Tetherbot (from here) - update: actually, I may go with this or this
    • t-mobile hotspot
    • sms popup
    • power manager

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